Thursday, May 1, 2014


We just want to take a minute to say thank you to all of you who support our sale, time and time again.  What started out as an experimental little fun event has turned into more than we could ever have hoped for. We really love the hunt for unique, fun items for you, and your support (by buying them!) is so very appreciated!
Hopefully, you made it out to visit with our 40 vendors on Saturday.  We like to offer a wide variety of items, and feel like we definitely had that covered at this sale!  From Pampered Chef to primitive furniture to handmade baby items, the vendors really do run the gambit, and if you were one of our vendors, THANK YOU too! Many of you expressed an interest in returning, and we do plan to host vendors for one day at the fall sale, as well. 

Sharon and I will take a little bit of time to rest, then we will be out there again, shopping and picking.  If you know of someone who has an old barn full, or just a few pieces, please call us or email us.  We are always looking for unique pieces, as well as everyday pieces we can paint or otherwise reinvent!

I will try to keep you all posted when we get a date pinned down for the fall sale, and as always, will try to post pictures of cool finds!

Have a great day!

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