Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Score...House 1, Humans 0

It's a very rare occasion that I am inspired to write a post about a fail.  But, I'm hoping this fail is not permanent, only a temporary glitch in my otherwise charmed "career" as a "salvager of stuff".  Doug and I went on an adventure yesterday (with permission of the owner, of course) in a house that is ready for demolition.  We planned to salvage the floorboards of the attic, in hopes of installing them in our living room. 

When we remodeled our house 16 years ago, we were able to use floorboards from a granary we were tearing down on my family farm as the dining room floor. We also salvaged some awesome beams we used in the upstairs family room. We had hoped to install the random width heart pine boards in the living room too, but didn't have enough. So, we have been searching for quite some time now for just the right boards to install in the living room over the narrow pine flooring original to the house.

We had been over to check out this house a few weeks ago, and were ready to get the job done.  There was a built in cupboard in there too, and we were hopeful that it would be easy to just pop it off the wall while we were there.  It was unique in that it actually had a back and side separate from the actual wall of the house, so we thought it might be a pretty easy task.

We could not have been more wrong!  First, we had to remove the molding from the top and the ceiling, because the cabinet had been attached before the ceiling was installed.  Apparently there had been at least one renovation, and the once plaster walls had been replaced by wallboard.

See how the cabinet actually stands higher than the ceiling?  Well, Doug removed the ceiling in that part of the room, and then realized the side was also attached under the drywall. 

So after a few blows to the walls, he removed the wallboard on the side and the back...

And he pried...and tugged...and pulled...and cut nails with a saw...and even separated the wall between the kitchen and this room enough that we were afraid the whole house might fall down, and STILL

The cabinet remains strong.  Maybe even stronger than the rest of the house.  So, we removed the floorboards from the attic, which was actually easier than we thought it might be (but we were both beat, and sore last night...are we getting too old for this kind of work???), and vowed to return when the demolition date gets close.  We're thinking now the answer might be to cut the wall from the outside, pull the cabinet out, then RUN LIKE HE** before the house falls down!!!  Yes, it is in that bad a condition.  BUT...look at the cabinet!!!  Isn't it awesome?  So if you think the price on this baby seems steep at the barn sale, you'll know why!  Wish us luck!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Notice how I said in my last post "once a week  or so "? Well, this time it was the or so, rather than the once a week.  Sharon and I did have two fun picks the Saturday after that post.

We got some really nice stuff, including those two white rockers you see in the second picture, a server, a sweet little vanity, and some great smalls.  Sharon has been to her favorite auction a number of times.

AND... we have had a few surprises in the barn...dry fluffy snow covering a good portion of the right half of the upstairs...

We have cared for sick grandchildren,

And welcomed a new one!

One of us did get to go to the cash and carry, while the other stayed back and had to WORK her real job.  Drove through this...

For awesome stuff like this...

So, as you can see, we have been busy with life, but are keeping the Barn Sale preparation going too.  Patti is going to a retailer paint class in northern NJ on Monday and hoping to come back with some new techniques and lots of inspiration to paint, paint, paint.  Have you tried American Paint Company mineral based paints yet?  If not, now is the time to give it a try.  Check out the website and especially the blog for great pictures and inspiration.  It's

Hope you have a great weekend, and the snowy dreary weather doesn't get you down!  Think SPRING BARN SALE!!!