Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hi, Barn Sale friends!  And, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  The Two Chicks have had a glorious break, enjoying time with family over the holidays, hosting a baby shower, reading and relaxing, frolicking in the mountains in Virginia, and one of us even got to enjoy a week in WONDERFUL Punta Cana soaking up the sun and 80* temperatures! I think the other chick is booking a nice vacation soon! Can you imagine a more beautiful, inspiring break than this?


The colors in the islands do a great job inspiring us, and we are soon going to be getting geared up, painting and picking and decorating! I really don't have any pictures to show you of what we've bought, because it's slim pickin's at the moment.  But we're planning a pick for later this week.  We'll soon start posting pictures of all the great stuff we are accumulating, and then when we get down to arranging, you know we usually bombard you with pictures on our Facebook page.  For the moment, I am going to share a couple of pictures that inspire me right now...these are both featuring items we normally have for sale at our barn sale, used in wonderful unique ways.

I've sold these old rake handles for use in a bathroom for towels, and they have been in the paint room a few times for brush storage.  Why not bring them into the kitchen?

And, I think this hanging light is fabulous!  Looks easy to make, too!  What do you think?

Stay tuned, I'm going to try to post once a week or so. Hasta luego!

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