Monday, September 16, 2013

Photo: Could you ask for a more beautiful fall day?!!!!!! Check out the cars lined up down the road for the barn sale ;-)  Feeling very blessed today!

There are no words to express our gratitude and overwhelming appreciation to our barn sale customer friends for the amazing support you showed us this past weekend!!! THANK YOU to all of you who hung in there Thursday night and withstood the crowds and crowds and crowds and heat and rain and storms to hunt for treasures to take home with you....soooooo thankful for you. Friday and Saturday were wonderful, too.  All of our 27 vendors seemed to go home happy, happy, happy, and these two exhausted chicks are beyond thrilled!
We are trying to relax and take a week or so off from barn sale chores, but our excitement keeps us calling and bouncing ideas off each other!  We have some awesome things in store for you, including additional local charities to which we would like to make donations, so stay tuned! We love you all!!!!

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