Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Fun Part

Patti Scott, left, and her friend, Sharon Cooper, bring out a vintage wicker chair, one of the many pieces being offered in their tri-annual barn sale. The event is set for Sept. 12, 13 and 14. Staff photo by BRICE STUMP

We have absolutely positively gotten to the FUN part of barn sale preparation now.  All of the furniture has settled into a spot, all of the painting is done (except the 2nd coat on a little bit of a corner cupboard) and we are getting super excited for you to see what we have created.

We had the extreme pleasure of meeting with Brice Stump for a wonderful article in The Daily Times, and we were beyond pleased with the outcome.  We love this paragraph from Brice's  Daily Times article ..."The barn is deep in the countryside, blending well with corn and soybean fields and the look and feel of the rural Eastern Shore. It is their hobby, but also a chance to share the excitement of the hunt, the exhilaration of the perfect find at the perfect price and the fun of decorating a barn in anticipation of an eager and curious throng of anxious shoppers."  Well, we are in the midst of the decorating fun!  We plan to finish up most of the smalls this coming weekend, and put on the finishing touches a couple of evenings next week. 

If you would like to read Brice's entire article (and check our the pics!), you can find it at       http://www.delmarvanow.com/article/20130901/BUSINESS/309010015/Two-chicks-barn?nclick_check=1   We even donned our cowboy boots for the pictures!

Please check back later in the week.  I will post a complete list of vendors, and even let you know what yummy treats Marie will have available of Saturday!


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