Saturday, September 7, 2013

Our Vendors

Okay, I've put you off long enough.  We waited and waited to consider our vendor list complete, because people kept calling...but I think we have a good solid list, so here goes!

Norita Ball will be selling wreaths, linens and pillows.  She tells me that her wreaths sell out everywhere she goes, so be prepared to love them!

Grace Dolch has shared her jellies with us before, and since she asked for an outlet in her booth, I bet she is making meatballs or some other yummy treat to sample!

If you have been at one of our sales with vendors before, you might have met Sandy Foster before.  Sandy sells antiques, but has added wreaths and decorated pumpkins to the mix, too.

Victoria Renehan will have her Avon available, so bring your list!

Another repeat vendor is Sue Ockels.  She sells antiques, and specializes in primitives.  We always buy from Sue, and she always buys from some point in the sale!

You all remember Skippy, right?  Officially known as John Chandler, he will be selling Pampered Chef.  We love John, he's a hoot!!!

Patricia Eggers and Tricia Krim will be selling 31 together, but they also each have another product as well...Patricia has Tastefully Simple, and Tricia has Origami Owl.

The men love to visit Karen Suhorsky at her booth because she always has a lot of tools for sale, but the ladies love her architectural salvage and boxes and crates for decorations, too.

Richard Yobst has never been a vendor before, but is a long time customer.  He sells antiques, and we're anxious to see if he is reselling anything he bought from us...we antique dealers trade around merchandise all the time!

You have probably all met Kenny Robinson before with his antiques...we went to a fun "pick" at a house he was working on at one time.

Stephanie Moses will have two for her "Undercover Blankets", the other for Mary Kay.

I had never heard of "Initials, Inc." before, but I got on their website and found all sorts of pretty monogramed items when I found out that Sherri Coverdale will be joining us.

CUPCAKES...need I say more?  Kristi Lewis will bring her wonderful sweet treats for our snacking pleasure.

Like Scentsy?  I have never been to a party, but lots of folks LOVE these products. Amanda Yeadt will be joining us with an assortment.

Coolie Lee jewelry will be represented by Savannah Brimer.  Need jewelry?  Sure...we all do!

I love Angie Twilley's have made growth boards and signs.  Gonna get a growth board for my grandbaby, who will be here in February!

Heather Marasco and Jessica LeCates both paint, restore and revive old furniture, but I bet their offerings will be oh so unique!

Mallory Symonds makes ADORABLE hair bows and bands and such!

Sharon Harcum, who has just opened a very successful eatery and farm market called "The Farmers Wife" will be bringing (or sending...she's a busy lady!) pumpkins, gourds and mums.

And...last but certainly NOT least...some will think she is of UTMOST importance...Marie Gordy, who will be bringing her hand painted signs (they are very popular!) will also be our food vendor for the day.  If you would like, you can plan on Marie's yummy BREAKFAST and LUNCH!!!

UGH....I don't think I've done that much typing in, like, forever...but there you have it!  The big old open shed will be FULL....but don't forget to come up and visit the TWO CHICKS while you are there on Saturday!!!  And be sure to visit on Friday or Thursday night, as well!!!

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