Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Monday!

Photo: It's the big day!!!! That's right.....the day when the chicks hire Patti's nephews, Brandon and Bub, to do all the heavy furniture moving!!! Couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day :-)

And could we ask for a more beautiful August day?  It feels like October with the low humidity and nice cooler temperatures!  Yesterday was wonderful, too, and a PERFECT day to start moving furniture around in the barn!  We had our two great helpers, Bub and Brandon, and got just about all the furniture that was upstairs and needing to come down/downstairs and needing to go up moved into the designated room.  It's great having helpers, and well worth the money we pay...these two chicks aren't getting any younger!

We have done a lot of painting this time, and we are really excited for you to see the pumpkin color Sharon chose.  So far she's painted a music cabinet, a big star, a cute little side table, and a mantle with that gorgeous color.  There's also a great mustard color that you will be seeing a lot of.  Blended in, we have a nice cream, and lots of natural wood because it looks SOOO nice for fall decorating.  I think there will be enough great furniture to go around, and just in case there isn't, we have a few pieces in storage already for backup!  We are still looking for a couple of special pieces, going to our favorite sales and keeping our eyes peeled!

I can't stand to be at this computer for too long today...don't want to waste any of my outside time.  Never know how long this gorgeous weather will hold up!  Hope you have a great week!

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Nancy said...

Those boys deserve a treat:-)