Friday, June 21, 2013


Check out this guy!!! I attended an auction about 10 days ago, and I am finally getting around to going through all the cool stuff I bought, cleaning and pricing everything.  One of my favorite deals was this home-made horse with a real pony saddle. I thought this was so clever...and I'm not sure if the older gentleman was kidding or not when he called him his Chincoteague pony.  He implied that the grandchildren (or great-grandchildren) actually spent some time "riding" this cute saddle stand.

I also got all the items along the side of this barn.  What I was mainly interested in was the set of
doors that the auctioneer referred to as the original jelly cupboard doors from the house (which was gone, darn-it).  I believe this cupboard was a built in, and I have NO IDEA what I will do with these.  Think I could EVER talk Doug into building a cabinet box to attach these to?  If not, they will just be removed from the framing and sold as a set to someone who can take advantage of their uniqueness!

I love this feeder, and I can just picture it now all cleaned up and waxed, sitting on a desk in a farm office.  You can also see in the background there, I got SEVERAL nice barn doors.  For all of you who scramble to get the barn door or two that I usually have at sales, there will actually be choices this time!

And yes, also in the background, you can see a nice console table I have painted with American Paint Company Amber Waves of Grain.  It is still waiting for a coat of wax, and it will be ready to go!  So many projects, so little time!

Have a great day!  P

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