Monday, June 17, 2013

Good Monday Morning, All!
Sharon and I have had a great couple of weeks gathering items for the FALL BARN SALE.  I mentioned our Rehoboth Beach, DE trip earlier, and wanted to elaborate a little bit.  April had sent us a message before the spring sale, asking if we would come "pick" at her house.  We were very busy at the time, so we asked her if she could wait until after the sale, and she agreed that that would be fine.  Several weeks passed after the sale, both of us catching up on all the things we put off when a sale gets close, and April was in touch again, so we figured we'd better get with it if we wanted a chance at this!

We were not really very hopeful when we were driving down, since most people pay retail for things, and want to get at least that out of them.  But Sharon and I agreed...we should AT LEAST buy one item each, since this lady seemed excited about our visit, and it would just be RUDE to not buy anything.  We went in my truck, thinking the trailer was a waste of time and gas.

Sorry about how close this looks, but my phone camera plays tricks on me every now and then.  This box is a hardware store display for Eagle Locks.
Well, when we got there, we couldn't have been more surprised.  April walked with us from room to room, offering up one deal after another.  She said she wanted to just pare down a little bit, and that she did!  We spent four plus hours picking and choosing items we thought you would like, and ended up having to make a second trip down there to pick up more stuff after my truck was filled!

One of our favorite items, a lovely aqua rocker with just the right amount of chippiness!
All in all, we had a load of fun, and got TWO truckloads of great stuff.  Look at this HAPPY CHICK!!!

I'll be back soon to tell you of our adventures in PA last weekend, and then we went pickin' again Wednesday, in the Snow Hill some great stuff, too!  Have a good week!

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audralw71 said...

I absolutely adore that rocking chair!! It would go perfectly in my redecorated bedroom!!!