Thursday, June 27, 2013

Do you love pulleys?  Check out this pile! Some will be cleaned up and Briwaxed, some will just be cleaned, and some just might be repurposed...can you think of uses for them?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Okay, not sure what's wrong with the pictures from the last post (thanks Chip for alerting me there was a problem) but I am going to add pictures to this post differently, so maybe they will work.  For all of you that are curious about the pics in the last post, you'll just have to attend the fall sale to see what I was talking about!
Just two days after Sharon and I returned from an awesome two days in PA (first at Renningers and a couple of our other favorite haunts in Adamstown, then to the Cash and Carry in Oaks) we went on an awesome "pick" in the Snow Hill area.  We had a message from Valerie that she wanted to sell a few things and reorganize her shop, so we headed down there with TWO TRUCKS this many times have we had to return after the first load to pick up more great stuff at a pick?!? 

Well, Valerie didn't disappoint.  After we lessened the load at her shop, she wanted us to meet her lovely parents.  Mr. & Mrs. Phillips had been in the antique business for quite a long time, and most of the items Valerie sold us were from them, but they had other things they wanted to sell, so we bought from them too!
We got really nice things, too.  Love these trunks...

And this blanket chest has beautiful handmade hinges, and a candle box...

Also got this nice carpenters tool carrier.  Not sure if it was originally in a tool chest or not, but I can't wait to Briwax it!!!
Anyway, we had a great time, filled two trucks, and met some very nice people...what more could we ask?!?
Hope you all have a great week.  Hopefully we will be able to work in the barn later in the week, but it looks like it might be a HOT week.  We also plan to get into the trailer that was filled when we moved to the new barn soon.  We haven't ventured in there for a while, who knows what goodies might be in there!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013


Check out this guy!!! I attended an auction about 10 days ago, and I am finally getting around to going through all the cool stuff I bought, cleaning and pricing everything.  One of my favorite deals was this home-made horse with a real pony saddle. I thought this was so clever...and I'm not sure if the older gentleman was kidding or not when he called him his Chincoteague pony.  He implied that the grandchildren (or great-grandchildren) actually spent some time "riding" this cute saddle stand.

I also got all the items along the side of this barn.  What I was mainly interested in was the set of
doors that the auctioneer referred to as the original jelly cupboard doors from the house (which was gone, darn-it).  I believe this cupboard was a built in, and I have NO IDEA what I will do with these.  Think I could EVER talk Doug into building a cabinet box to attach these to?  If not, they will just be removed from the framing and sold as a set to someone who can take advantage of their uniqueness!

I love this feeder, and I can just picture it now all cleaned up and waxed, sitting on a desk in a farm office.  You can also see in the background there, I got SEVERAL nice barn doors.  For all of you who scramble to get the barn door or two that I usually have at sales, there will actually be choices this time!

And yes, also in the background, you can see a nice console table I have painted with American Paint Company Amber Waves of Grain.  It is still waiting for a coat of wax, and it will be ready to go!  So many projects, so little time!

Have a great day!  P

Monday, June 17, 2013

Good Monday Morning, All!
Sharon and I have had a great couple of weeks gathering items for the FALL BARN SALE.  I mentioned our Rehoboth Beach, DE trip earlier, and wanted to elaborate a little bit.  April had sent us a message before the spring sale, asking if we would come "pick" at her house.  We were very busy at the time, so we asked her if she could wait until after the sale, and she agreed that that would be fine.  Several weeks passed after the sale, both of us catching up on all the things we put off when a sale gets close, and April was in touch again, so we figured we'd better get with it if we wanted a chance at this!

We were not really very hopeful when we were driving down, since most people pay retail for things, and want to get at least that out of them.  But Sharon and I agreed...we should AT LEAST buy one item each, since this lady seemed excited about our visit, and it would just be RUDE to not buy anything.  We went in my truck, thinking the trailer was a waste of time and gas.

Sorry about how close this looks, but my phone camera plays tricks on me every now and then.  This box is a hardware store display for Eagle Locks.
Well, when we got there, we couldn't have been more surprised.  April walked with us from room to room, offering up one deal after another.  She said she wanted to just pare down a little bit, and that she did!  We spent four plus hours picking and choosing items we thought you would like, and ended up having to make a second trip down there to pick up more stuff after my truck was filled!

One of our favorite items, a lovely aqua rocker with just the right amount of chippiness!
All in all, we had a load of fun, and got TWO truckloads of great stuff.  Look at this HAPPY CHICK!!!

I'll be back soon to tell you of our adventures in PA last weekend, and then we went pickin' again Wednesday, in the Snow Hill some great stuff, too!  Have a good week!