Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Good Morning, All

Hope you had a good weekend, remembering fallen heroes, and keeping in prayer all those who are currently and have in the past made our nation strong and safe.

Sharon and I traveled to Rehoboth this past Sunday for a "pick".  A customer had been in touch with us, wanting to downsize and refresh her look in her home, and that's just the kind of thing we love!  So, we traveled the hour it takes from her house to Rehoboth, just hoping to find a couple of good things to resell.  We just took the truck, partly because we didn't expect to find a ton of stuff, and partly because we have neither one gotten used to pulling the trailers, especially in "unknown territory", on a holiday weekend!

Sharon said on the way down, "you know, we should each at least get one thing, just to be polite, since this lady has taken the time to contact us".  See, we never know exactly what someone might want to sell, and sometimes the prices are just too high for us to buy it to resell (we try to keep a reputation for low prices, you know!) and make a little bit of profit. Well, we were NOT disappointed!  April had a LOAD of awesome stuff she was willing to part with, and her prices were good!  Did we buy everything she wanted to sell?  Certainly not...but we did buy enough that we had to go home and get another truck to fill!  Thanks Nick, for unloading truck #1, while we returned to Rehoboth to fill truck #2!!! 

I'm not going to post any pictures of the great finds today because, 1. We were exhausted when we got back (it took us between 4 and 5 hours just to see everything, let alone load the trucks!) so we didn't take any pictures and, 2. I want to save the pics for a time when I can write more about this lovely home and this lovely lady!

Hope you have a great week, and please check back soon.  I will post details of this trip as soon as I get some pics!

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