Monday, May 20, 2013

Excuses, Excuses

Happy Monday, Followers

I realize it has been a month since I posted anything here.  Sorry!  Hopefully I can do better in the future!  I've had a busy month and just put off posting 'til another day, WAY too many times.  My blog absence coincides directly with asparagus season, and I won't bore you with details of why I'm suddenly feeling TOO OLD for this particular farm job, but I will tell you I am beat!  Was I too busy to eat?  No.  Sleep?  No. Spend time with family, go to church, paint furniture, cut grass, grocery shop, order paint, pay bills?  No. Do regular farm chores plus cut asparagus, trim it and bundle it and deliver it to customers?  No.  But for some reason, posting to the blog just slipped by me.  Again, I will try to do better!

Sharon HAS been attending her regular auction, and we both attended one last Saturday.  We are accumulating a nice pile of Barn Sale Beauties, and we share them regularly on our Facebook page.  If you miss us and want to check out what has been going on, please check it out.  You can stalk us on Facebook even if you don't have a page of your own!

I will leave you after this short post of lame excuses with a picture of a pretty dresser I got at the auction last week.  Also got the nice matching bed...headboard, foot board, and rails.  We are planning the layout as we purchase things, and we have a special place for this set!

'Til later................

See ya!   P

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