Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Primitive Annies

A couple of weeks ago, Sharon and I made a return visit to one of our past vendors, Susan, who is an energetic little lady who collected Primitive Annies for a LONG time.  Susan has moved to a smaller house (it's lovely, by the way) and wanted to sell off a large portion of her extensive collection. She still loves primitives, and her house shows it...in a wonderful, orderly way.  Her talent and love for decorating is evident in every nook and corner of her home.

Sharon and I were able to score a bunch of dolls and accessories at a great price, and they will be showing their cute faces at the sale in April (only 4 weeks from this weekend, by the way!).  Sharon already showcased quite a few of the dolls she bought on Facebook.  If you haven't checked out our Facebook page and you are into the whole Facebook world, please be sure you do.  Sharon posts often.

This little girl is definitely my favorite of the bunch...I love her pigtails!!!

So...if you are a collector of Primitive Annies...or you want to begin your very own collection...be sure you arrive at the sale early.  We had a few of these at the Christmas sale, and they sold out quickly.  They are priced very reasonably.

Sharon and I are working in the barn tonight, arranging furniture, so I will try to remember my camera to give you a few hints of what you will be seeing at the sale. Hope you have a great day!

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