Monday, March 25, 2013

A Shameless Facebook Plug

Happy Monday, followers! Since I am having a hard time loading pictures today, I hope you will click on the Facebook page in my menu bar and check out what Sharon has been up to. She has been painting everything in sight, and taking pictures to share the results with you!

In case you were not aware, Sharon takes care of the Facebook page (in fact, I don't even have a personal Facebook page...I just don't enjoy the computer that much, and don't feel like I need something else to keep up with).  She does a great job taking pictures and posting a sentence or two about what we are up to.  It is obvious by the number of "likes" she gets on a regular basis that you all like to keep current with what's going on.

I try to keep up with the blog, but sometimes life gets in the if you crave Two Chicks info and I am not keeping up, try out the Facebook link... You don't have to even have a Facebook account yourself to spy on us!!!

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