Thursday, January 10, 2013

I've got NEWS!!!

I REALLY have news!  YOUR barn sale...Two Chicks Barn Sale...was chosen to appear in the premier edition of a sweet new magazine!

Photo: Check this out barn sale family....YOUR barn sale got it's name in a national magazine....Flea Market Style Weddings....woohoo!!!!!!

That's right, we are listed as a great place to find vintage decor for a wedding!  Yes, it is a tiny little blurb in the back:

Photo: It reads....from sea to shining sea....start your hunt for antique malls, vintage shops, flea markets, and occasional sales right here. These are some of our readers' favorites from all 50 states. Happy shopping!

But it's right there!  And today while I was thumbing through my copy of this informative magazine with loads of ideas, I decided to make a list of items that we regularly have at the sale that would be great props for a wedding.  We have mirrors, Ball jars, lots of silver (tea and coffee pots, pitchers, bowls) wagon wheels, china, cake plates, crates, suitcases, quilts, lace tablecloths, windows, barn doors, strawberry carriers, and furniture... a buffet, farm tables and mantles! No, you don't have to be planning a wedding to have a blast at the barn sale, but if  you are planning a wedding, we are your place to look for vintage!

I keep forgetting to mention that Sharon does a really good job keeping up the Two Chicks Facebook page, so if you are on Facebook, check out what she posts on there, too!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you two...proud to have been a customer of a famous barn! Pam