Friday, January 18, 2013

I have been a VERY busy girl this week, and I thought I would show you some of my projects! I finally decided that all the furniture that I have been getting at auction wasn't going to paint itself (the nerve...I really thought furniture could just be imagined as pretty and it would suddenly paint and wax itself...) so I skipped Crumpton and got to work in the shed!
I had already started a couple of these pieces, but most were painted (some one coat, some two), distressed, waxed and buffed this week! I am about ready to put the Annie Sloan aside and do some regular painting, but I was really happy, for the most part, about how these pieces came out.
I really love that you can paint furniture without really sanding or stripping off the old finish.
I just have to wax the cases of this dresser and chest, and they will be finished...normally I wouldn't work in the shed so many days in a row, but I really want them to be finished, and it won't take too long tomorrow morning. The drawers and all finished except that the handles need to be put back on.
I think I am going to add numbers to these drawers when it is done, and maybe even a pad on top...I don't really need a changing table in my house, but maybe someone will! And I think this would make a really cute and roomy one!
And finally, the smaller projects...a coat rack and a couple of cute stools!
I hope you had a productive week, too! Have a great weekend, and check back soon!


Laura said...

I definitely need to come see you ladies! Am always on the lookout for vintage plates, serving pieces, linens, etc. for props to use for my food blog. Lovely, lovely things you have :)

Patti said...

Hope to see you in April, Laura! Patti