Monday, January 14, 2013

Photo: Here's my great finds from an auction I went to today!!! They are posing for their picture as I wait for my dear hubby to bring me the key to unlock the truck....he only gave me the key to DRIVE it...NOT to unlock the's an old truck:-)
Happy Monday morning!  Hope you had a great weekend...we sure did!  I try to reserve weekends for family things since my favorite auction is on Wednesday, but Sharon just LOVES a weekend auction.  Her job is much more confining than mine, so if there is a  good auction advertised in the area, you can surely plan to see her there.  This past weekend, she went to her regular Friday night auction in Delmar, then went to an auction again Saturday morning.  Thought I'd share her haul!
Photo: Vintage dress form...has a 'size A' label on it...wicker plant stand/planter...large green fold-up drying rack...antique high chair...thinking about painting it some cool snazzy color:-)
This dress from is going to do a great job modeling a wedding dress IF we get through the storage trailer and find it!  Sharon got it a while back, and can't remember if its old or 80's, pretty or ugly!  But we thought with the recent publicity in Ki Nassauer's great new Flea Market Style magazine, we should dig it out!

Hope you all have a wonderful week.  I am planning to do lots of painting and repairing this week, so I hope to post some more pictures later in the week.

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