Thursday, January 31, 2013

Well, I was REALLY hoping I'd have lots of good pictures for you from the sale yesterday, but that was not to be. I think the buyers were all like me, wanting to get out in the nice weather, and really wanting to stock up on merchandise, since you never know what the weather might be in the next few weeks. I spent a whopping $60 at Crumpton, and came home with a truck not even half full...not exactly the big day I was hoping for! Guess I need to just get out there and work on what I have. That should make the unnamed members of my family who have been "commenting" on all the inventory out there happy. Ummm, doesn't anybody like oak anymore? I brought this oak china cabinet home from one of the stores I have space in, and I am perplexed. It has been in there since I first started that booth...probably about 18 months...and NO ONE has shown any interest at all. The good news for my barn sale customers is that I am dropping the price. A LOT! Like, right around what I paid for it. I am tired of looking at it, so it's gotta go! Let me know if you want to look at it before the barn sale, I'd love to get it out of the shed sooner rather than later!
I really have been working on getting things painted or repaired (or whatever!) and ready for the sale. I need to make a trip over to Delmar and drop some things off so I have more room to work. Plus, Doug brought a tractor (a John Deere 3020, for those of you who would care!) home the other day that he wants to restore in the heated part of the shed...guess that gives me company out there, but less space! I am currently working on a couple of benches,
And I have cleaned up a trunk that I need to Briwax, and maybe put wheels on to give it a little height, and make it easier to move around:
And, finally, the next piece I'm going to start, this cute little record stand from the 40's or 50's. And yes, you guessed it...Annie Sloan and I will be working together on this. Knew I couldn't stay away from that paint for very long, didn't you!
Have a great weekend, and, by the way...GO RAVENS!!! Yeah, they are second choice in this house, right behind the Redskins, but we are cheering for them now!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yaaaayyyy!!! The postcards for the spring barn sale have arrived! And, so has a new member of the two chicks barn sale family. Congratulations to Dustin and Kelly, on the birth of beautiful Logan Elizabeth. And, congratulations to Grandma Sharon, too!
Hope Sharon has time to shop for the sale...looks like she's really enjoying that little one right now!

Friday, January 18, 2013

I have been a VERY busy girl this week, and I thought I would show you some of my projects! I finally decided that all the furniture that I have been getting at auction wasn't going to paint itself (the nerve...I really thought furniture could just be imagined as pretty and it would suddenly paint and wax itself...) so I skipped Crumpton and got to work in the shed!
I had already started a couple of these pieces, but most were painted (some one coat, some two), distressed, waxed and buffed this week! I am about ready to put the Annie Sloan aside and do some regular painting, but I was really happy, for the most part, about how these pieces came out.
I really love that you can paint furniture without really sanding or stripping off the old finish.
I just have to wax the cases of this dresser and chest, and they will be finished...normally I wouldn't work in the shed so many days in a row, but I really want them to be finished, and it won't take too long tomorrow morning. The drawers and all finished except that the handles need to be put back on.
I think I am going to add numbers to these drawers when it is done, and maybe even a pad on top...I don't really need a changing table in my house, but maybe someone will! And I think this would make a really cute and roomy one!
And finally, the smaller projects...a coat rack and a couple of cute stools!
I hope you had a productive week, too! Have a great weekend, and check back soon!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Photo: Here's my great finds from an auction I went to today!!! They are posing for their picture as I wait for my dear hubby to bring me the key to unlock the truck....he only gave me the key to DRIVE it...NOT to unlock the's an old truck:-)
Happy Monday morning!  Hope you had a great weekend...we sure did!  I try to reserve weekends for family things since my favorite auction is on Wednesday, but Sharon just LOVES a weekend auction.  Her job is much more confining than mine, so if there is a  good auction advertised in the area, you can surely plan to see her there.  This past weekend, she went to her regular Friday night auction in Delmar, then went to an auction again Saturday morning.  Thought I'd share her haul!
Photo: Vintage dress form...has a 'size A' label on it...wicker plant stand/planter...large green fold-up drying rack...antique high chair...thinking about painting it some cool snazzy color:-)
This dress from is going to do a great job modeling a wedding dress IF we get through the storage trailer and find it!  Sharon got it a while back, and can't remember if its old or 80's, pretty or ugly!  But we thought with the recent publicity in Ki Nassauer's great new Flea Market Style magazine, we should dig it out!

Hope you all have a wonderful week.  I am planning to do lots of painting and repairing this week, so I hope to post some more pictures later in the week.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I've got NEWS!!!

I REALLY have news!  YOUR barn sale...Two Chicks Barn Sale...was chosen to appear in the premier edition of a sweet new magazine!

Photo: Check this out barn sale family....YOUR barn sale got it's name in a national magazine....Flea Market Style Weddings....woohoo!!!!!!

That's right, we are listed as a great place to find vintage decor for a wedding!  Yes, it is a tiny little blurb in the back:

Photo: It reads....from sea to shining sea....start your hunt for antique malls, vintage shops, flea markets, and occasional sales right here. These are some of our readers' favorites from all 50 states. Happy shopping!

But it's right there!  And today while I was thumbing through my copy of this informative magazine with loads of ideas, I decided to make a list of items that we regularly have at the sale that would be great props for a wedding.  We have mirrors, Ball jars, lots of silver (tea and coffee pots, pitchers, bowls) wagon wheels, china, cake plates, crates, suitcases, quilts, lace tablecloths, windows, barn doors, strawberry carriers, and furniture... a buffet, farm tables and mantles! No, you don't have to be planning a wedding to have a blast at the barn sale, but if  you are planning a wedding, we are your place to look for vintage!

I keep forgetting to mention that Sharon does a really good job keeping up the Two Chicks Facebook page, so if you are on Facebook, check out what she posts on there, too!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Hi, Y'all!  It's Friday, and can you believe I'm back already?  I just wanted to let you know I have been hunting and gathering this week for the spring barn sale.  Thought you might want to see a couple of pictures of my treasures.  Check back next week for more!!!

SWEET little blue desk/wash's in my house now, so I hope I can part with it!

Turquoise end table/night table...too cute!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year! I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday, and are all geared up to make 2013 an even better year than 2012. I am in the midst of taking down all of the Christmas decorations, and believe me, it's no small task! It is always with a little bit of sadness that I say good-bye to all of my beloved ornaments and the wonderful nativity and the trees and china and glasses and those awesome pine cones. But I am always ready, too, for a more sparse time when it comes to decorating. I am ready to get rid of the red and green and glitter and extra stuff, and pare down to an organized, orderly space. I am going to keep the burlap for a while, because I just LOVE it. Can't seem to get enough of it. So, right now, I have transitioned from this:
And this:

And this:

Which is now just a pile like this:

                                 And the little shelf in my kitchen looks something like this:

It is the time of year when I like brown as a stable, earthy tone in my decorating schemes. I also use a lot of plain candles, because no matter how dark and dreary it is outside, I just love to see candlelight shining in my home. And, it is a time of year that I just itch to organize EVERYTHING!  I will start with my office, which is in desperate need of a makeover. And, we are sort of exchanging areas in the office, so it's a perfect time to de-clutter and clean! Do you have any big jobs planned for the month of January? How do you chase away the cold, winter doldrums in your decorating projects?  I'd love to hear!
On the BARN SALE front, I an proud to say that we are ready to get started on shopping, and we got together this past Saturday to select the dates for the spring sale.  We will be open on Thursday night the 11th of April, and then all day Friday and Saturday, the 12th and 13th.  Can't wait to assemble a wonderful selection of antiques for you...we need to buy a lot, because you loved what we had at the Christmas sale, and it's looking empty in the barn!
Hope you have a great day...and watch for more frequent posts this's one of my new year's resolutions!