Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I sure did. My brother has been hosting Thanksgiving for a few  years now, and he does a great job!  He had about 20 people at the table, and he manages to get through it without seeming stressed or overwhelmed at all.  Believe me, I know what it's like to be 20 minutes from dinnertime, and have 5 people asking you questions all at once!He handles it with ease, and the food, as well as the company, was wonderful.
And since we have a load of family in town for the upcoming wedding of my son, Jason, and his lovely fiance Casey, I have already hosted our first Christmas dinner for 2012! We had an Italian FEAST on Saturday, prepared mostly by our west coast brother-in-law, and have been eating yummy leftover lasagna, chicken parm, and lamb ever since! Sure hope I can still fit into my Mother of the Groom dress! I even put up one of the trees, and we opened gifts to the sounds of Christmas music after dinner!
In barn sale news, I must report that I have done NOTHING to start getting ready for the spring sale except take leftover Christmas items to my booths.  And, I must say, as much as you DID buy, you missed a few cool things, too! Sharon helped me do a booth makeover at Goose on the Roof, and we agreed that the TOTAL primitive look that we have going on in there is really pretty.

Already, Sharon has been shopping for the spring barn sale!  She found this awesome corner cabinet this past weekend, and it is up in the barn, waiting for spring decor!

Keep checking back...we will continue to post as we buy, buy, buy for the spring sale!


Nancy said...

I am totally impressed by Vernon hosting 20! Who knew?!? Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

Patti said...

One of his many talents, Nancy!