Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Auction Loot

SWEET tiny ice cream churn

What a great day Sharon and I had at an Amish school benefit auction in Dover, Delaware on Saturday!!! The auction started at 8:30am and we didn't get her car and my truck loaded and our bills paid until 6:30pm! The weather was gorgeous and we were able to snag some unique primitives for our great barn sale customers! We also ate some yummy food from some of the Amish vendors. These sales are soooo much fun, but very tiring, too.
A nice coffee grinder, awesome pewter plates, and a rustic wooden bucket

We took the day to rest on Sunday, and were right back to barn sale preparation on Monday evening, arranging and decorating. Tomorrow we are taking the day off from our real jobs to go to a wholesale show in Oaks, PA. So...tell me...does this hobby/part time job occupy most of our free time?  YES!  do we love it?  YES!

Feed scoops galore!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

 Sharon and I had a great day working in the barn this past Saturday. Alex and Bub worked hard for these two chicks who are getting too old to haul all of that heavy furniture UP and DOWN the stairs...they made a gazillion trips up and down the steps without complaining even once...thanks guys!!! Now we will begin the fun part...arranging the furniture and DECORATING!!! Plus at least 2 more trips to PA as well as shopping at local auctions:-)

Remember those awesome pinecones I ordered last year?  I will have some available for sale...they are just too gorgeous for words!

If I remember correctly, these were sugar pine.
We also just ordered our Christmas barn sale postcards. If you aren't already on our mailing list and wish to receive one, just send me your address. Otherwise, you can just keep up with us on Facebook or here on the blog...we will be keeping you updated with pictures and details. Only 5 more weeks!!! The hours for that weekend (the 16th and 17th of November) are 5 until 9 on Friday night (our sneak peek $5 admission for Toys for Tots evening...buying allowed!) and 9 until 6 on Saturday. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

What a great weekend we had! Doug and I went to PA for an auction and a weekend of shopping for the Barn Sale, and believe me, we were not disappointed! We got on the road at 5am on Saturday for an auction at this lovely home. We arrived about 15 minutes before the auction started (at 9) and had a chance to scout out the things we were interested in (but were pretty sure I wouldn't be able to get because they were JUST TOO COOL and we need to keep our prices down).
This SWEET bench had two drawers and a patina that was BEAUTIFUL

This hanging pie safe was really great and I actually was hoping to get it for my kitchen...but it went waaaayyyy too high for me...even for my own personal use!

A small store counter that would make an awesome bar for someones man cave!

This farm table, well, the price made me think we should raise the prices on the ones we have in the barn (but we won't).  They are waaayyy more valuable than I thought!

They also had a load of enamelware, but apparently it's more valuable than I thought, too!
So, what DID I get?  As it turned out, I didn't get any of the things I really LOVED, but I still made out pretty well.  As I won bids, Doug piled my purchases up, and they are still in the trailer, but my pile looked like :

And this....

And this!
I really love the bench, and the two tables, you can't ever have enough, right?  I got several chairs...I think 4 or 5, to mix and match.

So...the sale was fun even though we didn't get any of the REALLY good stuff.  There were loads of people there looking at the SAME primitive pieces.

After the auction, we stopped into a couple of the antique stores we always hit. I got a few smalls, but really they didn't have any good primitive furniture.

Yesterday morning, we hit Renningers. They were having a Special Sunday Sale, so there were extra vendors outside, but extra buyers, too.

It was a beautiful day, and we just took our time browsing the rows and rows of merchandise...some nice stuff, some really not so nice!

I ended up having Doug take a couple of loads to the trailer (THANK YOU BRIAN AND SHARON!!!) so I could keep going (THANK YOU DOUG for being sooo helpful and patient!).  We finished up there, and went to another antique store and our favorite pizza and sub shop before hitting Shupps Grove for some more shopping.  Doug listened to football on the radio and slept in the parking area on a quilt that I had taken for furniture padding while I shopped. I got quite a few more smalls there, and finally we headed home.  It really was a fun weekend of shopping and I can't wait to get into the trailer and remember all I got!

Hope you all have a good week.  Sharon and I are meeting at the barn tonight to plan the Christmas sale and start working on what goes where!