Thursday, August 30, 2012

Photo: Don't you just love the smell of those fall scented candles and the beautiful and warm colors of autumn?!

I have to admit, Sharon tempts me to write really SHORT blog posts.  It looks so easy from where I sit, to post a quick picture and a few words on Facebook like she does (so well and so often!).  But today, I want to write about a product that I have been trying for the past few weeks, and let me tell you, I am impressed. And when I am impressed, I want to let you know about it!

I follow a few blogs when I am not too busy to sit at my computer and read, and I have been reading a LOT about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It appeared to be so easy (dummy proof as one merchant told me!), and the end results were really fabulous, so I decided to try it. I searched the Eastern Shore far and wide for a retailer, and found none.  I had passed it up on a trip to Northern Virginia this spring because I wasn't convinced I wanted to try it at that point, but got online after my failed search and found a retailer in Southern Maryland so I sucked it up and ordered it online, and paid the shipping that I was hoping to avoid.

I was really excited to receive my package in just a few days, and tried my first piece immediately.  It was the music cabinet I posted a picture of yesterday.  On this piece, I first painted cream, then the second coat was Aubusson Blue.  A little distressing, then a coat of Annie Sloan dark wax completed my project.  It is dummy proof, but it is a long process. And this paint is not cheap, but I think it is worth it. I am really happy with the results.

Since then, I have painted several more pieces, purchased more paint in Walkersville at a sweet store called Wild Rose and Company, and just ordered 3 more cans of wax! I have put 3 pieces of furniture in my booths painted with Annie Sloan and SOLD THEM ALL! So, let me tell you, Annie Sloan is my new BFF! There are 2 pieces in the upcoming barn sale that are painted with Annie Sloan...see if you can tell which ones NEXT WEEK! Thought I'd show you the piece I'm working on now, a waterfall dresser from the 40's, with it's first coat of cream.

These details on the edge will be sanded/distressed...that's something that works really well with this paint. I'll post pics of the end results when I get finished...going to paint the 2nd coat this morning, then waiting on my order of wax to finish!

Hope you all have a great day. The barn is ALMOST ready...just tweaking a few things, and putting on more price tags! See ya.......................

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