Sunday, July 22, 2012

Soooo, I know this is my first post in awhile. Sorry. Sometimes, you know, life just gets in the way!  What have I been doing?  I'm not sure.  Sharon and I have worked in the barn a bit, I've been to a few auctions, we SOLD at an auction last week - don't worry, that will definitely not be replacing our barn sale fun - it was not really enjoyable, but necessary. I got a few pieces of furniture ready for the barn sale, cut grass numerous times, worked on my booths a bit, painted the bathroom (one of these days I'll share my spur of the moment bathroom remodel), and made a gazillion trips to Lowes!

I promised I'd share pics from my last Crumpton trip, so that's what you see in this pic.  There weren't a ton of awesome things in my truck on the trip home, but frankly, on that particular day, things went HIGH. And I refuse to buy things that are too high.  Sharon and I want to keep prices reasonable AND find awesome stuff for you.The one thing in the pic that you really can't see all that well that IS pretty cool is a farm table...sort of mustard color, long and not very deep.  When Sharon saw it she suggested it be up front in the barn, with the burgundy and orange grouping.  So, we are really starting to envision how things will look to you when you walk in the door!  We are planning to work up there one day this week, and I will try to get a pic when I am there.

Oh...and Sharon and Brian went to PA this weekend to buy, at auction AND at Rennigers, plus a few places we both enjoy in Adamstown. Will try to get a few pics of their finds, as well.  Hope you have a great at ya soon!

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