Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sorry, sorry, sorry for the delay in posting.  I'm hoping to never again be in the MIDST of asparagus season while getting ready for the barn sale.  I am one tired, busy, but happy girl.  Usually the sale is earlier, and asparagus is later, but this year it fell right in there together!  Okay, enough with the excuses!  Our vendor update:
Ever heard of Nan's Nappies?  Well, I hadn't either, but I haven't had any grandchildren yet, so don't really have a reason for nappies right now!  But, with the arrival of Sharon's 2nd grandchild, I began hearing about this wonderful business!  And, come to find out, Nan is a former classmate of mine (a couple years older, I will remind her, but a really good friend of my brother!). Nancy will be taking orders for monogrammed items...and not only baby things, either.  She can do loads of other items, as well!
And, you may have seen TJ Mumford at our sale before.  Not selling anything, but TJ and Fran are great customers, and bring their sweet friend Emily, as well.  Well, TJ has written a few children's books (careful...they will bring tears to your eyes!).  Always the sale of those books benefit some worthy cause.  You will find TJ at our sale with his books, and you might even see Fran, Emily, and her dog Guinnes (he's the star of one of the books!).
Gotta go for now...promise I'll post again tomorrow!

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