Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Do you just love advertising pieces? This is one that we have displayed upstairs, but you will also find a whole room (stall!) full of advertising items downstairs...remember the bedroom at the Christmas sale? Well, it is now the advertising room! Want to know what some of the other rooms are? One will be filled with all things nautical/beachy!
Ok...the countdown continues...NINE days left until opening night of the Two Chicks' Spring Barn Sale and the More With Four shopping adventure...hope you have us on your calendar. Vendor update for today...Melinda Gilbert will be there as the Pampered Chef consultant; Jackie and Howard Blake will be selling awesome items made from barn wood; and let's more for today...Mary Ann Wyatt will have florals displayed in vintage items. Anything peaking your interest yet?!?! We certainly hope so! Keep checking back...I'll add more pictures as soon as I take more, and will give another vendor update soon!

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