Thursday, March 29, 2012

FOR THE RECORD...let me be the first to admit that sometimes, sometimes, my anticipated energy and ambition exceed my actual energy and ambition. I will see (and buy!) something at an auction that I have great plans for. You know the piece...that awesome school locker that would look soooo cool painted red or bright blue in a little boy's room (have one!). Or the bench that just needs a new end and it will be good to go (have one!) Or the dresser with the really bad finish, but great get the picture. Well, since we have moved into the new barn and we have more space now, we are going to let you take over some of our projects (if you have the energy/ambition/vision)! We are ready to introduce...the R ROOM!
What ever is the R ROOM, you ask?'s the area of the barn where we will REALLY good prices...the items that we haven't had a chance to R yet. That's refinish, restore, rejuvenate, redecorate, reinvent, repaint, repair, get the picture!

This is a really beautiful mantle waiting for some TLC!
A vanity that just needs a coat or two of paint on the top...
The time has come to use this tractor...see it? We use it to turn dirt up over the rows of precious asparagus in the spring. I need to get it free of the prison it is currently living in...and clean out this storage area!
I's under there!!! My Granddaddy got it in 1949 (i think!) and we still use it in the asparagus field!
We'll have more pics up next week...we're spending at least one whole day in the barn during Sharon's spring break from school! Yaaaaayyyy!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SOMETHING NEW and sorry, no pics today!

‎'MORE WITH FOUR'...that's right...make plans now for the last weekend in April. Four local antique~country~primitive businesses are joining together to have specials and drawings for prizes for customers who are brave enough to venture out to ALL FOUR stores from Thursday, April 26 (5pm-9pm) to Friday, April 27 (9am-5pm) to Saturday, April 28 (9am-5pm)...and they are all within only 15 miles of each other! This adventure will take you to The Barn in Delmar, Two Chicks Barn Sale between Delmar and Mardela Springs, Main Street Treasures in Mardela Springs, and Scarborough Fair in Mardela Springs. So mark your calendars...grab some friends...and enjoy this leisurely shopping adventure...get excited and map it out now...where will you start...where will your finish...will you go to all 4 in one day or spread the fun out over 2 or 3 days?!?!? Get your thinking caps on:-)

Monday, March 5, 2012

It is SNOWING today here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland...can you believe that? Just 3 or 4 days ago, I took this picture of an offering from Two Chicks Barn Sale to the Dorchester Farm Bureau for their silent auction: a white cottage chair, an enamel serving tray, and 4 (redneck) girl/cowgirl wine glasses with bandanna napkins in them. Wanted to say to potential buyers "is your front porch ready for spring?". Now it's SNOWING, so, I guess nothing is ready for spring. Well, except for me and all the other farm girls (both real and at heart) out there!
Well, it won't be long before spring is really ready to show it's pretty little self. We do have lots of signs already, and you wanna know what one of them is? Sharon and I are REALLY starting to get the spring barn sale plans rolling. We are planning to have vendors of all sorts in the shed next to the barn at this year's spring sale and we have THREE new vendors lined up already. And more coming in this week, I hope. We will be spilling the beans SOON who they are, so stay tuned! In the meantime, please please please THINK SPRING!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Well, slo, you made a good call on the paint color for the little round table. I think it turned out GREAT. What do you all think?
Didn't get to go to the sale yesterday. As spring gets closer, my days at the sale will be limited. Work is already starting on the farm, and boy is today going to be pretty! I love warm days this time of year. Even though we will no doubt have some more cold weather, I can see spring just knocking at the door!
Sharon has been attending her usual sale, and throwing in a few extras whenever she can. We are getting quite a stockpile of awesome stuff for the barn sale and are hoping to get to start arranging a few rooms in the VERY near future. There is a sweet little new grand baby in Sharon's life so right now so of course he comes first!
I hope you have a happy Thursday. Enjoy this weather and do something outside! I'm going to go scrub some furniture...