Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How do you handle the void when you pack away all of your Christmas decor? I am always a little bit sad to pack everything away, but relieved and glad to start the new year with sparse, neutral shades after all of the decoration overload. I sort of go all out when it comes to decorating for Christmas because I love it and I have ALOT of decorations. I have most of my Moms and her Mom's, so I never use all of them, and like to do something different every year.

So, that brings me to my current dilemma. How do I make it look decorated and finished but serene and wintry? I use colors that match the landscape. I have alot of tan, gray and white. I let the cute birds and mouse that I loved at Christmas stay a little while longer since they fit the color scheme, and just added a bit of muted green here and there. I love candles, so I use them in almost every room. I try to keep things simple and easy to clean, since this is definitely my "work in the shed" time. This time of year, I am able to go to a lot of auctions, and I try to start getting things ready for the spring barn sale as soon as I bring them home so they don't just pile up.

I hope you are having a good week, either transitioning to the sparseness of January, or still enjoying your Christmas decor for a few more days until "Olde Christmas". As for me, the decor is in the attic (even cleaned 1/3 of the attic before I put it back!) and I am settling in for the slower pace of winter. Have a great day!!!


Anonymous said...

You are wayyyy tooooo organized...LOL...the other chick! :-)

Anonymous said...

Like the blue for winter:-)Sharon