Thursday, November 17, 2011

Multitask Much?

The barn sale starts today!!! Need I say more? I guess so. So, yesterday, since the barn was pretty much finished, and it was a rainy day, I planned to spend the day in the house. I love to bake, and was going to take my time, making all sorts of tasty treats for your enjoyment at the sale. Then around 7am, the panic set in. What if we sell out the first night? What if all the cool stuff goes in the first hour...and the rest of the sale is just average, 'cause all the best things are gone? Well, that is simply not going to happen. But, when you are getting ready for one of the most fun events of your whole year, sometimes you just don't think straight.

So, I spent the whole day in the shed. Got three more pieces of furniture ready, plus a few smalls. And, baking time.... sort of disappeared. I was determined to cook a good dinner, since I have been too busy to pay much attention to that task lately. And the rooster specifically asked, um, whats for dinner tonight since you have been home all day. So...I multitask!!! I simultaneously made dinner, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, and chocolate dipped pretzels. It was fun, sort of hectic, but reminded me of the days when we had kids in the house. There was always alot going on in those days. Homework, dinner preparations, games and Legos, practice of some sort...piano, was an awesome time. But before I get all nostalgic, I'm going to sign off. After lunch, I am going to take the few last pieces over (don't worry, Sharon...I will fit them in somewhere), them turn on a couple of small heaters and wait for y'all to get there!!!! YAY!!!!!! See you soon!

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