Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hi, All
No, this picture really doesn't have ANYTHING to do with the Barn Sale...I just thought is was pretty...quite the photog, aren't I?!?

Well, yes, we are upon the time of year, the WEEK, actually, that the Barn Sale would have been held. And let me tell you, Sharon and I are REALLY missing it! But that just means that the Country Christmas Customer Appreciation event in the NEW (old) barn will be that much BETTER!!! We are shopping and planning, and before you know it, November 17th will be here. We are planning to start out on a Thursday evening, and continue through Saturday. So, believe me, there are LOTS of awesome surprises in store. And, some really nice FURNITURE, primitives, Christmas decor, all the things that we normally have at our sale, just more of it! And, there will be more space, too...we will be using some of the downstairs, and all of the upstairs in the barn. The floors are almost done so it won't be long before I post a few pictures to spark your interest.

In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying a wonderful "fall". I know it isn't officially here yet, but this sure doesn't feel like summer! Have a great day!!!