Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wow...May 16th was my last post. Instead of boring you with excuses, I will vow to try to do better. I hope you are having a wonderful summer. It is slipping away soooo fast, and things are not disappearing from my list of things to do before summer is over quite as quickly as I had hoped.
I may have mentioned that we are planning a home-made wedding in September. I have picked up a few props at Crumpton that we will be using...a couple of long benches that I painted ivory and scuffed up a bit, and a gorgeous chippy paint mantle that I scrubbed and Briwaxed to use as a backdrop/alter for the ceremony. That piece turned out wonderful and it WILL be for sale after the wedding. My sister-in-law chose blue, purple and lilac for the "bridesmaids" dresses (4 out of 6 of the kids that will make up this precious blended family are girls) and I envision lots of vines and hydrangeas flowing from the mantle. I will be sure to post pictures after the wedding!
Anyway...I hope you are enjoying this last month of summer living. The new barn flooring has been chosen and hopefully I will have pictures of the progress on that soon. Please check back soon for details about the next barn sale!!!

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