Monday, May 16, 2011

OH almost forgot...the pictures...the pictures! Here are a couple of shots of the nice cash register Sharon got at an auction...the marble plate on the front was used to tap the coins on to make sure they were real!!!
Okay, I have been AWOL for awhile. I am happy to report that the corn is all planted (no, I don't actually DO that, my son Jason is the one responsible for those STRAIGHT rows you see out there...I am just support staff for that. I help keep him in seed and fertilizer, plus whatever else he might need) and the early beans are in. My big ASPARAGUS project is almost over...I will probably be cutting (everyday, almost an acre!!!) for about another week, then I will be home free on that!
Sharon has just been through a few AWFUL days at school (seems to happen at the end of the school year, doesn't it?) and we are ready for an adventure!!!
So...I'm here to announce that TWO CHICKS BARN SALE IS GOING ON THE ROAD!!! What, exactly does this mean, you ask? We have decided to participate in an awesome project that Debbie and Mark, over at Scarborough Fair (check them out at )are working on. What is it, you may ask? A FAIR at SCARBOROUGH FAIR! Yes, the weekend of May 27th and 28th (that's Memorial Day Weekend) they are adding a whole bunch of cool stuff to their already awesome property. The Amish will be there with a chicken barbecue and some really yummy bread, and vendors (like us!) will be setting up their lovely wares for sale in the parking lot. They are planning yard sales, antique vendors, food and loads of FUN! Sharon and I are excited about this project, kind of like taking our little "store" on the road, and we hope you will come out for a visit! We will have a little sample of all our cool wares right there in the parking lot of Scarborough items, primitives, a lot of RED and WHITE plus a little bit of blue to celebrate Memorial Day, and some really good deals (cause it's a lot of work to haul all that stuff there, but it's even MORE work to haul it all home!) I'll write more later...gotta go see what's going into the trailer for this new adventure! Check back later!