Friday, April 1, 2011

Sorry...I've been absent all week. Not going to give any excuse except that it has been a busy one. Sharon and I did get a chance to work in the barn on Monday night, and I also went over for a couple of hours yesterday. Since the weather was so glum, I was not able to do any farming and I thought I might as well play in the barn for awhile!
It's coming along, but I did send Sharon a text last night that she needs to work her magic on the big display right up front...I'm not that happy with it and she always has the right touch! We make a really good team because we start out arranging the furniture together, bouncing ideas off each other and changing things up as we go. Then, I usually start a display, and she comes after me and layers on the PRETTY just right. She has such a talent for layering so that even after the initial rush on the first morning, it looks nice and only needs minor tweeking to stay attractive. She also has a talent for positioning the last few pieces that I walk around with looking for just the right spot.
Oh, and I suppose you want an explanation for the pictures...I got these feed bags at the mud sale and they have been in the shed, waiting for a thorough washing...I finally got around to that task this week and there they are, hanging on the line, waiting for just the right project. Do you SEW? I'd love to use the peanut bag for something but my sewing machine died...and I hate sewing anyway. I've seen feed/seed bags used for pillows, chair upholstery, and purses. Have any other ideas? I'd love to hear them! But these bags, and probably several more, will probably be for sale, since I have no sewing machine! (Or sewing talent!!!) Have a great weekend!


Ashley Paige said...

i just looooove that Peanut bag! you're right- it would make THE cutest pillow covering! It's a shame I have zero sewing talent, either. give me a button and that's about all i got! have a great weekend! :)

Judy said...

Can't wait for the sale! Keep those pics coming!