Monday, April 11, 2011

PLENTY of times, my husband has told me I am crazy. The time he came home and found me perched on a window sill in a stair well washing a really really high window? " wife is really, truly crazy". I tried to explain to him that that is really the only way to get to that particular window. The ladder wouldn't reach, so I climbed from the ladder to the window sill and held on tight while I washed. I'm vertically challenged, and he's 6'5"...he doesn't understand! I am a determined woman, and I like clean windows.

Well, maybe crazy, determined women like to surround themselves with crazy, determined women. When Sharon and I first started laying things out for this barn sale, we talked about a clothesline to hold the 40 plus vintage aprons that she had purchased and still needed to iron. We preceded to FILL the barn to it's usual capacity, while she worked at night, after ball games, work, and all the other crazy busy things we seem to get into, ironing those aprons. Finally, yesterday, Sharon brought the aprons out...we are getting REALLY close to April 15th and 16th, you know!

We looked at the aprons, looked at the ball of string for a clothesline, and looked at the rafters we had to string the clothesline through. We looked at each other. Ugh, maybe we should have done this before we piled everything up...ya think? Duh...

So...determined women that Sharon and I are, we made a plan...climb on the bench, then up on the table, and drop the line through the joints in the rafters. Pin the aprons on the line, then proceed to the next section of rafters, and the next bench/table. This worked fairly well (although there were a few times when the table tipped a little bit, almost flipping us off) for most of the clothesline. Except, when we got to the end, the table just didn't put Sharon up there high enough. So, what does this determined barn sale chick do? Stand on the chair that is on the table and LASSO the board we needed to reach!!! I wish the pictures really captured the was hilarious!!!
The result, dear folks, is just stunning...a whole string of vintage aprons, for your viewing (and purchasing) pleasure!!! SEE YOU THIS FRIDAY OR SATURDAY...APRIL 15TH AND 16TH!!! OUR HOURS ARE 9AM UNTIL 5PM, BOTH DAYS. WE CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO SEE ALL WE HAVE IN STORE FOR YOU!!!

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