Monday, March 14, 2011

Doug and I were reminded yesterday that you really do meet the NICEST people in this business! We were headed down to Taylors Island to do some work on his boat, (she had wintered over there and will be back on the water soon) and passed a sweet antique shop near Church Creek called The Blackwater Trading Company. We had been there before and I remembered a sweet little pastel dresser that I couldn't buy that day because we were in the car. I had intended to return, and you know how that goes! I got busy and never got back. But I did remember it as a pleasant experience, so I talked Doug into turning around for a quick visit.

As it turns out, the owners, Thomas and Jane Phillips we there, and they had been dealers at one time in Goose on the Roof. I still have a booth there, and it's where I met Sharon, my wonderful barn sale partner! We chatted for awhile, about being in the antiques business, and eventually got around to Jane saying......"I read your blog"!!! Her friend Becky comes to the sale, and found us online. I sometimes wonder if there is ANYONE out there, reading, and I was ecstatic to hear that bit of news!

Jane also mentioned that a couple of other dealers often stop by on their way to Hoopers Island to look for beach glass (which is a favorite hobby of mine) so I talked Doug into a ride down there, too. And, I think we must have stumbled on the old town dump. Because, as you can see from this picture, we found the ultimate spot for beach glass hunting! We had had that storm last week and the tide was pretty low, so I am thinking this may have been the once in a lifetime beach glass hunt I've been waiting for. I will definitely make another trip, but I really don't expect another beach glass palooza like that for awhile!

Anyway...thank you Thomas and Jane. We really enjoyed your shop, the delightful hospitality, and the beach glass tip! Any by the way, Blackwater Trading Company will be having a huge yard sale sometime in May that I definitely will attend, Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise! When I find out when it is going to be, I will let you know. Their prices in the store are good (I bought 4 or 5 small items) and I can't wait to see all the treasures at the yard sale!

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