Friday, March 4, 2011

Do you just love fabric? If so, this springs barn sale is the place for you. We had already planned to have a clothesline and "laundry area" like we did a couple of years ago, because Sharon has 40!!! yes, I said 40 vintage aprons for sale. So, when I spotted a huge box of pretty vintage fabric at the auction Wednesday, I bid...and got it! Let me tell is a lot of fabric... some of it will be priced as low as $1 a piece, and most of them are over two yards. How about THAT for a deal? Some of it is upholstery grade, too. Love it! Like these pretty partners?

I like these two together, too

A pretty green print...this picture does not do it justice!

I'll be back soon with more pictures from the auction. I got mostly smalls, so I have a lot of cleaning and pricing to do. Have a wonderful weekend!

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