Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Well hello, spring! No, not really. That's just wishful thinking. But let me tell you...when I spotted this cute silverplate coffee pot at Goodwill the other day, I just KNEW I would find a bunch of tulips in the grocery is that time of year when you can spot them in the stores, even if they are still way below the surface in my yard. I am especially looking forward to tulip time this year as I planted 100 new RED bulbs in a rather small area, hopefully for a big wow when you walk out the back door.

I went to Crumpton today, and as soon as I get the truck unloaded, I promise to post a few pictures. I was so cold when I got home I just wanted to be inside for awhile. The thermometer inside the truck read 31 degrees in the middle of the day when I got in to come home. At least the wind died down from yesterday.

So...please check back tomorrow, I hope to be thawed out by then. See you soon!

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