Monday, February 14, 2011

Okay, I am back AGAIN...I'm really on a roll, huh? I just wanted to relate a quick little story that seems so amazing to me! You see this lovely saddle stand? Well, I picked it up in one of my favorite stores in Adamstown, PA a while ago. I was excited to get it all cleaned up for an upcoming Barn Sale when I saw it, and was not surprised AT ALL when it sold within the first few minutes of the sale. My friend Terri from Goose on the Roof Antiques saw it as soon as she came in and fell in love with it right away. She purchased it and took it immediately to the store, to use as a display piece until someone else just had to have it.
But the story doesn't end there. So many of my antique dealer friends comment that we all just seem to trade our pieces around...the same awesome piece of furniture will just keep turning up, until finally some homeowner, some final owner, falls in love, too.
The story continues...I was in Ocean View, Delaware a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to stop by to see the girls at Hudson's General Store. Except, they were still closed for their much needed winter break. Imagine my surprise when not only did they answer the knock on their back door (they were there getting ready for the spring season...unpacking boxes of awesome new stuff), but invited us to come in for a look! And, low and behold, that saddle stand was right there, on display for spring! It looks lovely, still, and I wonder what dealer will get it next!
Hudson's is re-opening this weekend, the 18th, and I encourage you to stop by. The shop will be filled to the brim, I'm sure, and they always have something I love! Check them out at They are really sweet gals!

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