Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm back again as promised, with a few pictures from my haul at the auction yesterday. I'm sorry, my photography skills leave ALOT to be desired. You'd never know my daughter is a professional photographer, would you. I can attribute my skills to my late grandmother, who was known for throwing a camera out the front door with a few choice words after many failed attempts one Christmas morning. She was also widely known for chopping the subjects heads off on many occasions. No, not literally, just in the picture. She blamed it on her short stature.

Anyway...I did have a good day at Crumpton. Nothing big, but quite a few smalls. A pretty nice set of outdoor furniture, still can't decide if I should paint it. Your comments are welcome! What would you think about lime green?

I was also happy to get those quilts. They are not in perfect condition, but pretty nonetheless.

I will leave you with this picture of a desk (or is it a vanity?) that I painted last week. I thought it turned out really nicely and can't wait to find the perfect chair to complement it. Check back soon for more cool finds!


Anonymous said...

How much is that white desk going to be?I think I might have a place for it.

John Forrester said...

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