Friday, January 21, 2011

Well hello out there, blog readers! It has been a cold winter thus far and the auction going has been slow to say the least. I am happy to report, though, that we have managed to aquire a few things, and we are getting ready to really get geared up to shop! Patti went to Crumpton this week (what a beautiful day Wednesday was!) and came back with a few really cool pieces...nothing big, but certainly SOMETHING noteworthy, at least.

Sharon has been hitting her favorite haunts regularly (a little easier, since they are indoors!) and is starting to accumulate a nice stash. We will both be hitting a trade show in the near future, and soon the MUD SALES in PA will be starting.

What I am trying to say, then, is spring really is around the corner, and that means the barn sale is on our minds! The dates for our spring sale are April 15th and 16th. Before you know it, the weather will be warmer, and we will start to see the first signs...a crocus peeking through the snow, then the first tractors in the field...getting ready to plant those early peas...yum! Check back here soon for the first pictures of our barn sale won't be long now!

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