Thursday, March 18, 2010


Well, we got a REALLY good start last night, moving things around, deciding where to put the MASSIVE amount of furniture we have somehow managed to gather, and just chatting about what the next barn sale will bring. We really do have some good pieces. As you can see, we started out with a big mess...a jumble of boxes, bags and pieces of furniture.

We are no where near finished, even arranging the furniture, but I will tell you this...if you are in the market for a bench...a garden bench, an end table bench, a porch bench, a bench to sit on, put your feet on, a time out are in luck. We have a lovely church pew, a REALLY long primitive bench, two nice garden benches and oh-so-many more. Apparently we are in the bench business!

We also have quite a few cabinets...hutch type, with doors and without, painted, primitive, you name it. Sharon had a great weekend with her oh so supportive husband (who surprised her with an enclosed trailer perfect for antique hunting right before the trip!) and they found quite a bit of awesome furniture.

While on that subject, I have to share that this venture would not be possible without the help of our wonderful families. Both Sharon and I have husbands who willingly spend weekends searching for antiques. We also have sons and a daughter who will pitch in when we need them, and bring their wives, girlfriend, and husband, too! Some of them enjoy auctions, some of them help with the lifting and moving, and all of them support us in what we do.

On that sappy note, I will end. I hope you will check back soon, and also be sure to put a big red star on the 16th and 17th of April in your day planner!

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