Monday, March 8, 2010


Yes, SPRING is right around the corner, and we are soooooo glad!!! It has been sort of a slow winter in the antiques business, and we are REALLY happy that the barn sale is coming up soon! My shed is a MESS, I have lots of things ready...painted, cleaned, repaired or refinished, and ready for the trip to Delmar!

Sharon went to a good auction this past Friday, and is planning a trip to PA this weekend.

And without further ado...the dates are... Friday, April 16th from 9-5 and Saturday, April 17th from 8-4. I will post more pics later, but I thought I should give you a glimpse of the pile of cool stuff in my shed...and start the guessing as to what might be under the sheets and blankets!!! Check back soon for some clues...

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Anonymous said...

not a tenth of what's in that shed