Thursday, August 6, 2009

Okay, I'm just a BAD BLOGGER!! I get so busy with, well, LIFE, you know, that I forget to blog. What can I say...I'm an active girl! And sitting in front of a computer is like torture to me! But, I just HAD to tell you about our latest adventure! Sharon and I went to an auction a couple of weeks ago in Littlestown, PA. Not far from Gettysburg, it was an easy 2 3/4 hour drive, and we were hoping to at least each get one piece of furniture. We went in a short bed pickup, left at 5am, and made it there with plenty of time to browse around and check out the great furniture.

The sale was advertised as an estate sale, but this was no ordinary estate. The elderly man had owned an antique store. So, his collection was extensive. And, we learned that a Philadelphia auction house had already hauled away the "good stuff" for a catalog auction. But, we were VERY happy with what was left!

It was a long, hot day, but we had a GREAT time, and ended up with 21 pieces of furniture!! Needless to say, we planned a trip for the next day.

Sunday, we waited until 7 to know, slept in!!! We went with the same short bed pickup, and a bigger truck, hoping to collect all of our treasures. We CAREFULLY loaded them piece by piece, putting blankets and straps wherever we thought we needed them. Well, we STILL didn't get it all, so we planned another trip for later in the week. No big deal, really, since the drive wasn't all that bad, and we were sure we could get the rest in one truck.

I say no big deal, because at the time, that's how it seemed. Well, that was before we took a wrong turn that took us into WORSE traffic on a Sunday afternoon (and 20 miles or so out of the way), and then had a truck breakdown at the WaWa just west of the Bay Bridge!!!

So all of the furniture on the bigger truck (of course) had to be unloaded and reloaded onto the truck and trailer that my DEAR husband brought up to rescue us! And, the truck spent two nights at WaWa, waiting for a tow truck to bring it home!

The final chapter of this LONG story was a trip up on Thursday to get the last of the furniture. That trip, thankfully, was uneventful!

In the end, we were still REALLY blown away by the bargains we got. Can't WAIT for the fall barn sale, September 18th and 19th!! YOU WILL LOVE THIS STUFF!!

What a GREAT auction!!! Between the two of us, we bought 21!!! pieces of furniture!!

Then THIS happened!!

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