Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Okay, folks, the real work has begun!!! The weather was sooo beautiful this past weekend that I got out and worked outside...sorting, scrubbing, sanding, you name it! And, I wanted to show off the BEAUTIFUL salmon colored cabinet I found in PA. And yes, those are strawberry crates, and I even have dividers and strawberry boxes to put in them. The string winder is really a cool piece, too. It came from a country store auction on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Keep checking back, there is still a whole pile of awesome stuff in the shed, not to mention Sharons stash!!! P


Melissa Manzione Photography said...

I'm proud of you for uploading pics... good job!

Anonymous said...

Have been to all your sales and the selection and prices can't be beat.

Can't wait til the 3rd.