Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Auction Finds

We Can't Wait!!!

Hello:-) We are glad that you chose to take a moment to browse our Two Chicks Barn Sale blog. WE ARE SOOOOOO EXCITED!!! We have been working all summer long getting ready for our Barn Sale #5!

We have sweated in 95 degree heat at auctions trying to find just the 'right' goodies to bring back...for you! We have taken buying trips to Pennsylvania to bring back awesome finds...for you! We have bought, cleaned, inventoried, priced, painted, decorated items, and LOWERED prices...for you!

We have lugged and tugged those great pieces alllllll the way up those steps to the top floor of the barn (don't worry though...we will still have our bargain basement)...for you! We have spent hours planning, preparing, arranging furniture, decorating, etc....for you...oh yeah, did we tell you how hot the barn has been this summer...so, once again, we have been sweating...for you:-)

We get MORE EXCITED every time that we go upstairs in the barn to work because we get to see all of the marvelous antiques, primitives, furniture, autumn decorations, etc. coming together to, hopefully, enchant and surprise our customers and friends.

Come visit us on Sept. 19, 20, and/or 21 and enjoy a leisurely shopping adventure in the olde barn. Once again we will have free refreshments AND two of the booths will be filled with chinese auction items...fun, fun, fun!! Treat yourself and feel free to bring as many friends as you want.

Don't let gas prices keep you away...we have lowered our prices just for that reason. You deserve to decorate:-) Hope to see you in September...Patti and Sharon